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THE "PAL" Dating Coaching Sessions

Do you feel like you are always having bad luck with dating?  Or you're not getting any hits at all on your profile?  

My customized PAL approach will help guide you to achieve your dating goals. Through a series of weekly one-on-one coaching, I will work with you to select the best PR and marketing techniques to get you noticed online.  Combined that with boosting your self-confidence so that your attitude will magnetize as many men to allow you to be selective.  

Find that love quicker!  

Six Sessions Then You Are PAL Ready

  1. Guide To Building a Successful Online Dating Presence: We'll review your profile and use well known PR techniques to entice the highest number of candidates.  

  2. Become Popular Online: Use PR to attract correspondance and then to convert online chatter to actual dates. 

  3. We're on a Date: The PAL system will help you prepare for understanding what you want in a man and to evaluate your candidates.  We will help you set up the best date for success!

  4. After the Date:  How do you assess if he's interested?  How do you handle rejection? Is HE your guy?

  5. The Relationship: Signs that he may be the one or not! How to have an influence on how the relationship develops.

  6. Will I Be Happy: Is he the guy that will bring you comfort and joy.  That you will grow together and enjoy life.  Or the opposite...Know the difference and safe years!

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