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I owned a Public Relations and Image Consultant firm working with companies to increase their visibility and attract customers.  I am bringing my expertise to the dating world, helping women over 40 achieve their dating results quicker.

I spent most of my post-marriage dating life, looking for the wrong people and worrying about rejection.  Each date felt like job interview and I was devastated if I didn't get a call back.  Tears and desperation is how I attacked the dating world.

Then I got sick and fought for my life. I couldn't ultimately change the result -- whether I lived or die.  However I could control one thing - my attitude!  My oncologist said that I was his poster child for recovery which made me realize that my positivity had a direct impact on my survival!

I began to incorporate that positivity in all aspects of my life including my dating life. I also began to use PR techniques to better market myself. I developed a system called PAL -- Using Public Relations + Attitude = LOVE.

The results were dramatic!   I went out on more dates, met a lot more men and had a lot of fun!  I began to approach dates as an enjoyable activity and increased second and third dates.   I was better able to handle rejection and moved on with optimism to my next date.

I am with a partner.  I am happy and fulfilled.  I live each day with joy.  

Would you like that too?  I offer free one hour consultation so let's chat girlfriend!


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