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Using my Public Relations and Marketing background, I developed a proven approach for women over 40 to reach their dating goals quickly and with results!

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USING THE PAL SYSTEM:  Public Relations +  Attitude = LOVE

You hit the gym, got a haircut, took pics and you're online!  Dating after 40 - how great is that?! 

ARE YOU KIDDING?  It's horrible!  It's rare to get a message.  And when you do, he suddenly disappears.  UGH!!! It shouldn't be this hard???

You finally get a hit! He seems nice and you're corresponding.  Then you find that he lives with his mother, he calls his ex the "b" word...He drinks too much or not at all, he talks too much or not at all.  Frustration, anger, tears.

Then you meet him!!!! He's handsome - you can't stop smiling!  He's charming, hangs on your ever word.  He's funny and caring...he's perfect!  You can't wait to see him again.

And he never calls....

UGH!!! It shouldn't be this hard?!!!

You're right it shouldn't be this hard!  Dump the waste and cut to the chase.  Let's get started:

Let's increase hits to your profile using tried and true PR principles

Let's increase dates

Let's increase the quality of the men

Let's get you in the relationship you deserve


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